Why I Love January at Starbucks

Two words: FREE COFFEE. I must admit, aside from traveling, this is my only ‘vice’: coffee at Starbucks. I typically have at least one in a day.


Each year, sometime November, Starbucks comes out with their January promo thermal mug. I call it ‘super mug’. If you buy one, you get free coffee each day for the whole month of January.

In the year prior, the mug was priced at $49.99. This year however, the mug was for $55.95. Yeah, bummer.

But consider this: even if I buy a grande-size coffee daily at the regular rate, I would be spending $79.67 for the month of January. With the January promo, I would save approximately $23.68.

And with a gold card membership, the purchase of the promo mug will also get me enough rewards points for a free venti-size beverage. Plus the use of the mug after January will avail me of a 10 cents discount on a cup of coffee. 10 cents may not be a lot, but in a month, that’s a savings of $3.10 – which is more than enough for a grande to venti-sized coffee. So yes, it is equivalent to one free coffee per month.

In addition to the savings, I would also get a high quality thermal mug which keeps my coffee hot for 4-6 hours. I have had cheap thermal mugs before from souvenir shops  which can’t even keep my coffee warm for more than 1 hour, so I can attest to the quality of the thermal mugs sold at Starbucks. This year’s mug is still grande-sized but has a smaller profile than the previous years’ mugs. And it is great size for traveling.