Are You an Underdog?

Feb 10, 2017

Greetings!!! My name is Basilio, a 53 year-old worker who has been an underdog all his life. Here are a few things about me:

  • Certified introvert
  • A bachelor’s degree holder
  • Never did well in public speaking, yet friendly (if you talk to me)
  • Never held a management position
  • Constantly bypassed for promotions
  • Used to rejection
  • Was laid off at work 5 times (and counting…maybe)

Despite being written-off many times, I consider life a blessing in so many ways. I have a wonderful wife whom I have come to love deeply more and more each day. I also have a family which includes grand kids.

I think myself as average (including an average IQ). I have an average job – with minimal benefits and perks. Currently, I am paid hourly at work – at an hourly rate that is half of what I used to earn during my ‘peak’ years. Yet I don’t mind. I like working. It keeps me busy.

Finance-wise, my wife and I are ok. We have a 7-figure retirement fund with a net-worth of close to $2 million! And true to our nature, we have kept this a secret from family and friends. We are also mortgage-free and debt free. My wife retired 2 years ago (from a non-management role) and I am looking at working for 2 more years until age 55. Yes, that’s Freedom 55!

It wasn’t easy. It took a lot of financial planning and years of sacrifice to get us to our current state. Good thing we are underdogs, and used to hard work.

If you are an underdog like us, feel free to contact me for free financial advise.